Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nails Inc Drury Lane

I'm growing ever fonder of Nails Inc. This is 2 coats and could maybe have used another. Index finger mattified.

And for why do I like Nails Inc?

  • They are usually good quality.
  • You can get bargains on ebay, discount cosmetics sites (ravencosmetics, for example) or just wait for the official website deals. A lot of people qvc them and I imagine that is also reasonable.
  • Don't pay the silly RRP they quote though. Please. You'll give them delusions of grandeur.
  • The cap is not easy to manage with small hands.
  • They do way too many pinks and reds.
I have become a complete coral-queen recently. Used to loathe the colour!

Your views on Nails Inc?
Are you a convert to any particular colour or brand you used once to detest?



Interior of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane c.1808. And, as I'm sure you remember, the muffin man resides in Drury Lane. Wonder if he frequents the theatre much...

And as a bonus -a muffin in pre-toasted condition. So generous I am today!


  1. Love them. I rarely find duds application wise and they're really not as expensive as people make them out to be, as you've shown above. I like QVC, personally.

    It pisses me off when people use the fact that they sometimes collab with Diet Coke as an excuse not to purchase. "Oh, they're always giving their products away".

    Clearly they're not, dumbasses.

  2. Ooh, that was unusually vitirolic. I blame it on the inordinate amount of coursework due in TOMMOROWO. god.

  3. Good luck with that coursework, Lena. You have my sympathy....

  4. I absolutely love that coral colour!
    I like Nails Inc polishes. The only thing I kind of dislike is the colour choices, there isn't really anything special. I love the polish formula though :)

  5. Love em, huge, huge fan, over 200 colours and counting. Never pay full price and I've had very, very few duds. Also I have tiny hands (childs hands my bestie calls them) and I get on fine with the cap.