Thursday, 26 August 2010


I said I'd found only one ad with black models. Now I found another. I don't know how important this is to you these days or if you feel it's an issue but I'd like to know your views. And btw how many FAT women ever feature in cosmetics ads? I'm no sylph but you don't see women like me in any of the ads.

Compulsory hat as ever in Avon ads. I wonder when they lost the hats?

And read the text! "Every day your Avon Representative perfects the art of being a woman at home." You can be assured she's been assiduously testing every product on her beautifully groomed person. Because that's what she does at home. As well as biscuits. And washing and ironing. I shouldn't knock it really. My Mum didn't go out to work and I didn't either until the girls were at school. It's just the notion that you were EXPECTED not to work. I hate being told what to do. My Dad was such a misogynist!

Just a quickie.



  1. How gorgeous is the model in blue? Such ladylike outfits and divinely retro packaging. I found a vintage Avon badge in a second-hand handbag the other day, it's a miniture door knocker with "Avon Calling" etched on. xxx

  2. Lol! cute post...I love the vintage outfits :)

    Do you mind if I use this picture?

  3. They lady in blue is so glamorous. I love being a girl.

  4. I absolutely love the little bottles, they are all so cute. I like to collect old avon bottles actually- cheap hobby!

    And really, why are there no supposed plus-size makeup models?

  5. Use the pic for sure,rm.
    Good cheap hobby. But where d'you find the bottles, 10verlada?