Monday, 30 August 2010

Yardley pink

70s. Cheesecloth. Hair. Collars. Eyeshadow.

But some funkier colours! Hurrah. Yellow and green were my faves in the 70s.
Isn't he just grim though? Something about this ad just makes me cringe. I wouldn't trust him as far as I couldn't throw him. He's a serial philanderer. Columbo would get the dirt on him for sure.

I admit it. You guessed. I'm on hols. But I am scheduling some real manis too.

I may get to read my comments. Haven't decided (at the time of writing) if I'm taking my Mac yet or if I will have the inclination to net-cafe or whatever. Back soon.



  1. Mmmm, bet he's wearing Cossack hairspray for men. Loving his shirt. Have fun! xxx

  2. I just clocked the slogan.
    Come play in our Yardley.
    Thatis SO cheesy. Thanks, Vix!

  3. Hey,

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    I love comments!

    Thanks :)

  4. hmm, he looks like a total skeez! I wouldn't trust him either...Come Play in Our Yardley? Is this supposed to make us want to buy this polish? Check out that yellow! Do you think it was runny, I'd bet it is.