Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Lancome Creme nacree Creme de nacre + CATASTROPHE

I love Lancome. I saw a Lancome nail product on sale. Aha!

Here it is. 2 little pots and the applicator. NOT a brush. No, no. Lancome are far too innovative for boring old brushes. This is 21st century technology, I think you'll find.

Pretty little pots.

Applicator. Cat's pyjamas. Bee's knees. All that rigmarole.
Applicator goes in pot. Transfers product to nail.

Not very even, is it?

The gold was even worse. I don't claim to be neat or good with my hands but I don't think Leonardo da bloomin' Vinci could make this work. So I did try it with a brush but this stuff just isn't polish as such. It has a different consistency. The applicator just doesn't cover the nail evenly and then when you try to fix it it just slides the product to another bit of the nail or OFF the nail altogether. Leaving more on the applicator than the nail.

Guess what? I don't think this was a huge success. Have you ever seen it about? No, I didn't think so. Hey, they tried. I wouldn't have bought it full price because I hadn't seen it all over the blogosphere and that's significant in itself.

You ever bought a nail/beauty product that wasn't just not very good but made great claims and failed conspicuously?

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  1. I'm loving the new layout ;) And wow, what an....interesting product? It's cute, but if it's basically useless then not good :(

  2. Well, that's certainly different. I've never heard of such a thing, much less seen it, nor have I ever thought to use a spatula to apply color to my nails. Thanks so much for trying it out for us to see!

  3. I'd say this is the most unusual nail product I've seen in awhile.Who'd have thought of putting the product in jar,and applying it with a spatula? What was Lancome thinking?!

  4. Strange! It looks a bit of a fiddle. Don't Lancome also do that bizarre mascara which looks like water droplets? Maybe the product innovator was feeling weird. xxx

  5. hmm, that is so strange! Seriously, Lancome? Really?! OK, whatev.

  6. I should have known. It was half-price. It makes no sense. You wipe it on. But the wiping it on also wipes it off. Crazy. Shame. I'm all in favour of innovation.