Monday, 16 August 2010

Butter London Rosie Lee

Full sun. 2/3 coats. Don't know really. I just sploshed it on.
This is one of my all-time faves.
Butter London is one of the best higher-end polishes IMO for quality. I got 3 in a bargain-pack from ebay. Didn't spend the usual £10 on them.
Rosie Lee (if you didn't know) is Cockney rhyming slang for tea. Rosie is also my younger daughter's name (well, Rosemary). I love this polish. And I love my daughters and I love tea. So that's easy.

And outside in shade.
Sod's law dictated that the Bourjois red DID chip after a couple of days after I'd said it would be good for a month or so!
I'd definitely recommend this brand (Butter) even though I'm fairly sure it's not actually British. Because I'd had chipping I wanted glitter or foil as those finishes are more robust. The Claire's Mood polish that Rebekah sent me turned out to be a foil and lasted brilliantly.

Not quite sure what the brand is but I don't think this ad would ever have enticed me to buy the polish even in a much more media-innocent era.

Look at the print she's wearing. That has to be 60s. And, yet again, the saleslady is a very proper person who wouldn't dream of selling you Avon products without wearing her pill-box hat. D'you think it was a rule? Thou shalt not flog lippie without your trusty hat! I'm sure this was quite a funky ad for the time and Avon were trying really hard with their packaging.

My favourite ads are the meerkat ones. Cosmetics advertising leaves me cold. What cosmetics have you been tempted to buy on the strength of the advertising rather than blog recommendation or just browsing?



  1. Oh now that is pretty!


  2. It's lovely. And I am a sucker for packaging. I see, I lust, I tend to buy. Like Mac's villian collection is gonna leave me broke.

    I got the Urban Decay's Box of Shadows (tie up with Alice in wonderland) and I have not touched it. I can't bear to! >,<

    What should I do??

  3. You break into an eye-shadow palette and it DOES spoil it. I'd say don't open it. Use other eye-shadows until you are desperate!

  4. Ooh, I'm loving this polish on you. More glitters please =)

  5. Lovely colour and a right bargain at that.
    I want that frock the Avon model is wearing, it's just psychedelic heaven.
    I hate cosmetic advertising. I mean, as if I'm going to look like Cheryl Cole with a new mascara. I love Benefit packaging but find it rarely

  6. I didn't realize Butter London did glitters; I guess because the cremes seem to get all the attention.

  7. Cheryl Cole. And those hair extensions. And the lash inserts. So I would look like this if I used your mascara AND I happened to be Cheryl Cole all tarted up and airbrushed? I'll pass then.
    Glitters. Last for ever and look good on everyone. Lovely glitters.

  8. I have 2 cremes from Butter. I'd like more of this brand but I'm not paying £10 - £12. That's silly.

  9. Wow, this lacquer must have been made for you, eh? I love that 60's print, I bet it was a short dress and I bet she wore white knee high boots with it!
    Avon calling: Avon ladies nowadays don't wear their hats and it makes me want to not purchase 'cause when I think of Avon I think of the very well-dressed ladies and their hats!
    I don't know if I've ever been reeled-in by cosmetics advertising, I must just not be into air-brushed models or something, plus, none of them are real red-heads and NONE of them have freckles so I know it won't look good on me!

  10. That is a gorgeous polish! Really pretty! I've seen Butter polishes in the past that I've liked, but could not bare to part £10, but now I shall have to search ebay more often I think! :)

  11. ahh..your blog layout is all smooshed.

    this is a really pretty color, it seems like a dupe for wet n wild sparked but with finer glitter.

    does butter stay on your nails for a long time...hmm that sounds funny...let me rephrase that, how is the wear for butter polishes? do they chip easily? my favorite so far is OPI because they do not chip as easily for me

  12. Shortnails: I'm thinking smooshed is bad? Butter is an excellent quality brand. This one wears like iron. I have 2 cremes and they are also excellent so no worries on that score but OPI is probably cheaper in the US. I think Butter are generally $14 and have a smaller range.
    AP: I loved those white PVC boots in the Sixties but never had a pair sadly. A bit racy for me. And too expensive. Our Avon rep at work is well scruffy.
    Gemx: I wouldn't ever suggest anyone spend more than about £6 on a polish because you REALLY want it to be good at those prices and what if you didn't like it?
    Pretty: It's a good one because it changes quite a lot in different lighting conditions.