Thursday, 5 August 2010

Black - Lancome and YSL and blackcurrants (a tenuous link)

In a rush.
Was nattering about the meerkat ad on a forum I visit when someone referred me to the Tango ad in the sidebar. I love those meerkats. Does anybody NOT? Watch the ad. Go on! If you live in a part of the world where you don't get the meerkats then I am very sorry for you.....Try youtube.

Anyway - I don't have any polishes with blackcurrant in the name and I can't find my Misa Wishing On A Star so...

YSL Black Tulip and Lancome Piha Black
Excuse the ghastly thumb nail. I decided the gorgeous Wet'n'Wild Tahiti and Bora Bora needed some China Glaze Cowardly Lyin' over the top. I was wrong. Utterly wrong.

Then I've Zoya Casey which might just as well be black. It doesn't look it in the pic but on the nail it's dark. Dark. Dark.

Nail Polish Ads again...

Think this is from the Thirties. Quite minimalist for a nail ad. The higher-end brands have ads that tend to be more pared-down and the cheaper ones typically feature a colour-chart and are a lot busier design-wise. This is on the chic side.

Do you wear black nail polish much? Or only at Halloween? D'you think it's just for teens? Does it make you feel edgy? Or is it "been there done that"?

Off I pop.


  1. I love black nail polish! Dunno about edgy, I just find it dead glam.
    Adore that Bourjois advert, so classy and minimal, conveys the message without the need for a load of babble.
    Love the meercats. Have a great weekend and hope the cricket stays dry. xxx

  2. Thanks, Vix. Happy festivalling!

  3. I have one black nail polish for nail art. I've only worn it as a full manicure twice, and once was for the swatch, haha :P Cool advert!

  4. I tend to save true black for use as a layering base, though some of my dark purples and greens and blues might as well be black.

  5. I love black polish, I wear it mostly in the fall and winter.

    I think it looks best on shorter nails, and it's perfect for everyone :)

  6. Definitely for shorter nails.

  7. I agree black is nice on shorter nails, I always think they look better after a bit of wear and tear, maybe it's the grungy black chipped nail polish look I like, or that I just make a mess of dark colours! :)

  8. I don't like wearing black nail polish, makes me feel like an angst-ful teenager, I really like that black tulip quite stunning.

  9. Black chipped polish. Now that IS radical. No way could I get away with that. A look for the youngsters!