Sunday, 8 August 2010

Misa Hot Couture

This is of the colour family known as "fugly".

I LOVE it.
This is Day 3.
3 coats as far as I remember + base + top.
A bit thicker than usual for Misa but not too bad.

I've toyed with getting this for AAAAAAAAAAAGES. And so glad I  finally did.
It was reviewed a couple of times when it came out and nobody went overboard for it. But I've plunged a thousand leagues under the sea for this one.
So I now want Mac In The Buff - despite having said on all the blogs that it was vile. Now I think I'm ready to love fugly.

Do you have any ideas for me in the fugly end of the spectrum. Not yellow. I can make my own c0ck-ups as regards yellows. But do you know of anything like this or the Mac? I must get the new Camel one from China Glaze when it eventually lands on these shores.

OK, 2 questions for you.

1 Have you ever fallen for a colour that you thought was emphatically not YOU? Something you bought because it was on-trend and you thought you should try it just to say you had...
2 Can you recommend any more fuglies to me, please?

Bon weekend


  1. This is pretty fugly, but I like it! Maybe because it's a colour range I haven't ventured into yet....

    I have fallen for colours I think are not very 'me' many times - I have a few yellow polishes I love even though they're definitely not me, and I now love bright pinks although I used to swear never to paint my nails that colour.

  2. I'm just the same. I keep looking for a wearable yellow. And I love pinks now!

  3. I really love Fiercely Fiona - verging on yellow but kinda green too. Definatley my most fugliest colour!

  4. Hot Couture looks so unique, I added it to my list. I'm all for "fugly" colors like this. I also recommend Heirloom Organza by China Glaze. I recently blogged about that here:

    I've also tried Classic Camel, and such a lovely, unique color, but it sadly looks terrible on me.