Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bourjois Violine Sublime

Shimmery gold veins in the burgundy (maybe more of a claret) in the bottle. Not SO much on the nail but still visible. Nicer than it looks here.

The ring nail yellow isn't pollen btw. It's a reflection of one of the bathroom lights.
2 coats after 15 hours wear.
It was £3 from asos. And remember that asos have dropped their P&P in the UK so it's worth it, I think. The ridge-filling properties of these are really rather good. I also got a brown one for £2.80 that will be useful in the autumn. I can shove some GOSH Rainbow over the top or the glitter franken I made to jazz it up.

Ad-break. Another feisty one from the 1970s. Not much more to say except that I begin to detect some themes in polish advertising - fruits and berries is a very popular one. But this is the only ad I've seen that has a boxing-spin. I wonder how successful this was. I like it because it's different. Red, black and white is always quite arresting although not unique. 

And now for a very weird one from 1998. Why weird?

Maybe it's just me but does that hand look like it belongs to that woman? I think it doesn't. It seems too big for the model. I find it quite disturbing but I am prepared for you to tell me that it's completely kosher. At least they didn't have a 'plane in the ad. That would have been a bit TOO literal.

When I go to Croatia does anyone know what brands I may be able to find there? Do hope I can happen upon a novel little something!

Briefly back...


  1. i like violet sublime on you :)

    have fun and enjoy your vacation- sorry I'm no help with finding polish in croatia

  2. It's a wearable polish. Would suit anyone. Tomorrow's polish does NOT suit me at all, sadly.

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  4. This is a really nice colour, I shall have to do an asos order on pay day :)
    and yes the hand looks scarily large, maybe that's why she was picked to model nail polish? :P
    Have a lovely holiday!

  5. It still spooks me - that ad. Thanks, Gemx.

  6. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the hand belongs to a specialized hand model and not the woman with the silver eyeshadow.

  7. Exactly, Karen. That's just what I thought!