Friday, 27 August 2010

Revlon Streetwear Burnt

Possibly the best sludge-green out there. One of anyway.

 It has gold shimmer too. There are so many Streetwear shades. I would love a complete collection. Why did they discontinue these? It's a travesty!!!

2 coats + base and top. If you like greens then get this. It isn't hard to find although there are some variants. This is the best version.

This was my holiday RH. May still be for all I know. Should probably take some layering polishes with me. Not taking my whole damned stash obviously. The LH is the Skin Food red. Red and green should frequently be seen.

What do you take on holiday of the nail variety?



  1. I like this very much. I don't own a single Streetwear polish although you can barely turn around for hearing Great Things about them. It looks very nice on you indeed.

  2. The gold shimmer definitely makes the sludge colour more wearable. I quite like it.
    For holiday nails I tend to pick a colour I know will last at least half the week and then pick a couple of polishes at random to throw in my bag. I normally buy more when I'm away anywhere anyway! :) Have a lovely time! Try to find some pretty souvenirs!

  3. I love the gold shimmer in this. I go on holiday in about 3 weeks and have no idea what I'm going to take with me! I better start planning.

  4. oh and I tagged you for an award!!

  5. Thank you, Tilly. I'll check it out when I get back. I haven't found a shop yet so I may come back with NO nail polish. WTF?