Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Misa The Grass is Greener on my Side

Another ludicrously long name.
PMSTAS was great. Removed after 4 days, no staining (I put that down to my new Misa basecoat BACKbone). Some slight tip-wear. It was great. Same goes for Hot Couture.
Next Misa, please!

Look at the lovely shimmer in the bottle. The pic is problematic because you can't see that the middle and little are glossy and the fore- and index satin. Hence...

It's a bit more obvious now. I couldn't get good pix of this sadly. It's really spectacular. It's a happy green.
2 coats. Lovely satin finish so I topcoated 3 nails and left 2 as was. Neon. Could maybe do with a 3rd coat? Not sure. Had to cut my nails down. They were annoying me. I hate it when I can feel the nails against my palm. I don't file. I cut. Leaves a good sharp, positive feel.

For once an ad that doesn't show pink or red nails. I have one CoverGirl polish but this isn't it. Think this is a Nineties ad...

And now for something more mundane (below). 

Yeah, 60 cents. Rip off!  Who charged 60 cents? 60 whole cents. We need to know. Cutex bottles looked like the one that says "Pearl" on it when I was little.  I have 2 Cutex polishes and I really like them. I suppose they were taken over by a conglomerate and rebranded because you just don't see Cutex anymore except in remover-form.

Ooh, is anyone having trouble posting a comment? I know Tilly of Matilda's Manis has. If so could you let me know, please. 



  1. Testing my own comments. Hope this helps...

  2. Hooray! It's working again.
    Loving the green nails and the Cutex advert is just fabulous. I did find a boxed set of vintage unused Cutex on eBay a couple of weeks ago but stupidly lost the link, would have looked great framed with my 1960's Elizabeth Arden

  3. Yay. Thanks, Vix. Are they all pinks then? Bet they are!

  4. I love this color! I have it as well, and I agree, this is a happy green :) Love those vintage ads. Haha, 60 cents, how times have changed.

  5. I like the satin/shiny alternating.

    60 cents! What an outrage!

  6. Yay, I can post again, I don't know what was up but... You aren't wearing a sheer or flesh color today, strange. Looks gorgeous though. And 60 cents!? I NEVER pay more than 50 cents per bottle of polish

  7. Yay, comments are back!
    I really like this green, looks really nice satin and shiny. :) I just cut my nails down too, I realised I was making to many typos from catching nearby keys! :D

  8. That's one of my favourite colours at the moment.

    Where/when is that vintage advert from? Lady looks a little scary XD

  9. Thank goodness it's working again! Hello, everyone! Thanks for your comments. I was getting lonely out here in cyberspace.

  10. Ooh, I'm liking this on you!

  11. Hey, I tagged you: