Saturday, 14 August 2010

The glory that is nailgal...

Let's say you've seen Chanel Paradoxal and you fancy it but it's too expensive. What do you do? You can google /Paradoxal dupes/ and you'll find some results but why not consult nailgal?

Try it. It goes like this.
Community Nail Polish Gallery - Home

Click on that and then search for Paradoxal. You get 2 hits. Click on the first hit.

Pro 10 Violetta 

You'll see that it's located in an album called Purple Shimmer. Click on the word Shimmer. You get 50 pages of purple shimmers. Yes, 50! You work your way through the pages and I notice a polish on the second page that isn't a dupe but I quite like it and I know it goes for about a squid on amazon. It's Pro 10 Violetta. Then there are plenty of OPI. Maybe they're discontinued but there's always ebay.

I'm mad for Illamasqua Rampage but I'm not paying Illamasqua prices. I do a nailgal search and find it under green creme so I click on creme. Only 25 pages this time and not many possible dupes but I do like this.

Nubar Forest

Not a dupe but I like it. So that's nailgal. If my pix were good I'd upload them. If you DO contribute to nailgal I thank you because it's a great resource. I'm a member so it's OK to copy/paste their pix as long as I give the correct attribution. You can spend hours looking through those photos. If you are a good photographer and you don't already upload to nailgal then maybe consider it?

Thanking you


  1. Ooooo... Im going for a nosey. By the way Models Own Purple Grey is the perfect dupe for Paradoxal.


  2. My Good God! That green nail varnish is just glorious! I have a vintage leather trench coat that would compliment to perfection. Love it! xxx

  3. Thanks, Jo! I did wonder about that. I always get the WRONG MOs.
    Just find a proper pic, Vix. It is a fab green.

  4. I am wayyyy too frugal to buy chanel hehe but there will be some on my xmas list for sure!!!

    Models own a fab option

    ooo I tried nailgal once..found it hard to navigate.. dont think my pics would be much use, dont think my cam is fantastic at getting the colours spot on

  5. The only thing with nailgal is that it's very US-centric but that's our fault for not contributing pix of European brands. I just click through page after page. I have the time!

  6. Thanks for the link, the site is a good find, especially for finding dupes! :)

  7. cool, thanks for letting me know of this great resource out there!

  8. I use it a lot. Either to browse or find something specific.