Sunday, 22 August 2010

Misa No Shrinking Violetta

I have only seen this once on a blog. Or I found it on nailgal. Anyway it's not one of the better known Misa polishes. Misa is one of my top brands, I must say! I suppose this must be from an ancient collection.

It's not violet for sure. Pink with gold sheen. Exceptionally fine gold dust in the bottle. This is 4 coats but Misas go on like whipped cream so who's to care? I did put a coat of another pink over the middle finger and then a final coat of NSV and it appears exactly the same to me. So that's probably a way of economising on the number of coats. It's very low-key indoors and a lot of you will just find it another boring pink. But it has a duochrome quality in addition to the sheen. That's very much a feature of Misa polishes. In outdoor light it's different again.

See the bottle. Preeeeeetty. Heck, I like pink, red, taupe, nude, you name it. As well as the kooky colours obviously!

Two ads from the Seventies.

This looks as if it could be quite contemporary but the archive I'm using declares it to be 70s. I can imagine Cheryl Cole in this kind of pose.

The next is much more interesting.

A black woman. And maybe an Hispanic woman? I've been looking at polish ads for a few weeks now and this is the first ethnically-diverse ad I've seen. Actually out of 61 it's the ONLY one that doesn't show Caucasian women. 

So - do you think cosmetics advertising these days is representative of cultural diversity? Would you like to see changes in advertising and the models employed in terms of colour?



  1. Very nice, but 4 coats is a lot!x

  2. It sounds a lot but I find very few polishes need less than 3 and I don't wait for them to dry or anything so it's only a few extra seconds.

  3. What a sweet color, I like it a lot!

  4. Thanks, Shiny. I don't think it suits my skin but it is wearing very well and it's a beautiful quality.

  5. It's a nice colour, the sparkle really makes it pretty!

    Advertising people are very conscious of multi cultural stuff now. There are many photoshop disasters,( colour seemed to be an issue for some reason. It's silly really!

  6. I checked that out, Gem. Poor editing. But why remove the black guy anyway? Makes no sense to me. Glad I don't work in advertising.

  7. You know, I really liked Cover Girl when they had Queen Latifah as a spokeswoman, she is truly gorgeous! And now they Ellen DeGeneres which is also quite refreshing and I've noticed Mary Kay does a lot with African American and Hispanic women, I don't see too many Asian make-up models which is too bad.

  8. I love this color, but 3 coats is my limit! Thanks for sharing the ad!