Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sally Hansen Forsythia and love to Rebekah and Aggie P and everyone...

First the fugly.

Karen of Frazzle and Aniploish sent me this in a swap and I am now an official fugly-lover. Flover? 
3 coats with base and top. It shows the glimmer in the pic but it's a flatter creme for all intents and purposes. I am now in pursuit of fuglies. I have bought a Konad Special Polish to wear as an ordinary polish (allegedly it will never bloomin' dry as it is 5 times thicker than yer average nail enamel but we'll see) and that's a fugly too. Got to get Mac Brown Bag or In the Buff to be a true flover.

I don't often squeal. I'm not girlie enough to squeal. Do I look like Kerry Katona? But I squealed yesterday. Got back from shopping. Boring stuff. Bin bags. That type of thing. The Konad polish had arrived. Much later went upstairs. Bloody dog again! Had broken into the post-cage thingy that's attached to the letter-box, grabbed parcel, taken parcel up two flights to top floor, savaged parcel. This was my RAOK from lovely, lovely Rebekah of For the love of nails...

You see these? Purple and silver AND a Claire's MOOD polish. Hence the squeal. Dog forgotten and forgiven. Confetti. My first Confetti. Hansel Salon. Great polishes. And (did I mention it) a MOOD polish. Rebekah, mwah mwah mwah!

More mwahs now. Got tagged by AggiePigeon of Running with Polish. Makes me think of a woman (could be horrific?) drenched in nail polish. It drips down her semi-naked form. Accident in the OPI factory? Except for the semi-naked bit. Bond villain seeks to take over the world by putting mind-altering chemicals into nail polish and making us all Stepford wives? Something like that.

The tag is:
4 things in my bag
bag of coins
small notepad
4 things in wallet
couple of £20s
(not much else as it has a broken zip but I can't replace it because my elder daughter bought it for me)
4 fave things in my room
usually 2 out of 3 dogs
pillows - I like lots
cup of tea - like to have one of these at hand
books - can't be without books
4 things I've wanted to do
get and train a sheepdog
become a dog behaviourist
meet Cesar Milan
go up the Empire State Building
4 things I'm currently into
nail polish
French films
get more sleep
blogging - reading and writing
4 songs I can't get out of my head
Lighthouse Family - Postcards from Heaven
Killers - Mr Brightside
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
Mozart - O Isis und Osiris (Zauberfloete)

4 things you may not know 'bout me
  1. I stood at the bottom of the Empire State Building and said, "Nah, I don't think I'll bother..."
  2. I am afraid of butterflies (not just moths)
  3. I have a half-brother who lived in the same village as I did and everyone knew about him except me until a friend told me when I was 15!!!
  4. I have a BA (Hons) in Latin   
Then I tag 4 people. They choose 4 and inform them and so on.
They are:
Lena The Student's Guide To Nail...

Beth bethaniee's nails

Gem Sparkle Blog

Sorry if you've done this before, peeps!



  1. Ahhh, purple and silver, possibly one of the finest colour combinations ever.
    Loved your comments on the blog today, I'd love to time travel back and raid your uni wardrobe. Droopy and Brown, Dannimac...takes me back to dressing up in Mum's clothes when I was a kid. Did you love Van Allen and Baggage & General, too?
    I'd forgotten about shaved eyebrows...I still do that (Cos they've tattooed on anyway) and weirdly I'm wearing black eyeshadow today. xxx

  2. I don't know the ones you mentioned. Never heard of them. Better look them up. I did not look good. I had some nice things but I can't put things together to save my life! Laura Ashley midi I had too. All smocking and pleating and lace.

  3. Glad it came.. I was thinking..blimey thats slow post LOL dog had it!! :)

  4. Yeah, I never go upstairs until the day is fairly advanced so just didn't know it was there.

  5. Have loads of fun with the mood polish :)

  6. That fugly is kinda awesome. Enjoy the RAOK, beautiful choices!

  7. Haha, poor dog just wanted to play with the new toy! They look a nice set and a mood polish, very nice! :)
    Thanks for the tag, my first one!

  8. Forsythia is what started me on fuglies. Glad you had fun with it!