Monday, 23 August 2010

Skin Food Raspberry Jam with a hint of a glint of gold

It doesn't have a name really. This is from my swap with Green Fairy of Polished Serenity.

Really thick in a highly-pigmented way. 2 coats. No topcoat as yet. I love the paper labels on this Skin Food line. Feels like a jelly but that may just be because it really has a jammy quality that I love.

An attempt to show the "raspberry pips". Kinda works. Sorry for the hard skin on the ring finger. Retouching isn't working very well today.

Hope it lasts. I am going to pack cotton wool, remover, base and top coats and hope to buy some new polish when I get there.

And now for one of the most hideous ads I have seen.

I can say no more than that....
I have a feeling though that this may appeal to a couple of you because it is rather kitsch and there are some who specialise in suchlike. So this is dedicated to anyone who likes it!



  1. I'm glad it look so yummers on you!

    Enjoy your holiday! Me jealous :P

  2. Living in Singapore is one long holiday. Right? ;o)

  3. it doesn't look tooo horibile.... just horribly old fashioned!

  4. Lucky you, getting some Skin Food--looks great!

    The part of the ad that bothers me the most is the very pointy handle on the polish bottle; I can just see myself stabbing it into my palm as I reach for the cap.

  5. Oo, yes. Pointy handle. They nearly all had those long, thin handles. I wonder why. Wouldn't have stacked very well but I don't know if people collected them then.

  6. Love that colour! wearing a similar colour right now.

  7. That colour is rather jam-like and delicious!
    I love the ad, especially the dark haired model, although the colour of the nail varnish and lipstick is pretty nasty. xxx

  8. Hello and welcome, 3ate4. Yes, it's not super-original but it does go on very nicely.
    Vix, I kinda thought the ad might appeal to you seeing as you have a penchant for the kitsch.

  9. lol, raspberry jam, love it! Aptly named by you! brava!

    Yellow? Tan? Very high and severe eyebrows? They almost look like robots to boot, wow. I truly hate this ad too.

  10. So so pretty.
    I have so missed following nail blogs and your in particular. :)