Sunday, 15 August 2010

Scarlet Woman + Bourjois Effet Faux Ongles Rouge Modele + Cover Girl Candy Apple

24 hours after application. Daylight.

The Bourjois is on 3 of the visible digits. 2 coats + B + T.
"False-nail-effect" doesn't sound that appealing to me (which is what this polish claims) but it plays a blinder, does this. All it means is that it smooths out my deep-as-the-Marianas-trench ridges. And THAT is no mean feat. I have another colour (beige) and I'm getting 2 more while they're cheap at asos. 2 for £5 odd and no P&P. The colours are not exciting but Bourjois say they are going to widen the range. I know from the beige one that this polish lasts and lasts. I'm delighted with this.

Inside with flash. From which you can tell I have a chip on the index finger (the Cover Girl) and that the Bourjois has the barest hint of shimmer.

Why don't we wear more red? Is it SOOOOO boring and beneath our notice? I am loving this on my nails. Partly the colour and partly the fabulous coverage properties.

False nails? Acrylics, glue-ons? Don't know why I'm snobby about them as my hair is as far from natural as you can get (think straw). Perhaps it's because I knew someone who got a terrible fungal infection from wearing false nails. It was really gross. It's more common with fake nails than natural, isn't it? I also don't like the regularity of fake nails. Mine are atrocious and I can't shape them for toffee but they look sort-of honest. Which again is ridiculous because my hair is entirely UNauthentic. Prejudice is an odd thing. Totally irrational.

Anyway, I am now on a massive red-binge. I have about 5 reds out of over 300 so it won't last long.

Revlon ad from the Seventies (that's a guess). I think Fire and Ice is a nice idea for a range. I wonder if this model was air-brushed? She has a great figure. Probably genuine but one becomes so cynical.

Any red ideas for me? Mainstream or funky?


  1. Haha great minds think alike! I was a bit dubious about the 'false nail effect' concept, but it looks great on your nails! I have a bit of ridging too and end up having to apply about 3 layers of basecoat, so I might have a look at these on ASOS. I love that Fire and Ice promo picture. Did they do much airbrushing in the 70s?

  2. I love the new layout! those bats are so cute!

  3. It's one of those Playtex 18 Hour Girdles, surely? Very glam advert, another I'd like to frame.
    I love red nails, very glam and vampy but not for me, my skintone is too blue and my hands look like a navvy's. xxx

  4. Vix: Reds don't often work on me but I think this is OK. I think with blue tones you have to go for tomato-red/orange-red. Now a girdle is one thing I never had to wear. Phew.
    The baby bats! So sweet. Glad you like bats, jb.
    No amount of base coat covers my ridges, Missy Ellie. And I think Vix is right about the girdle. That's the look a girdle gives. I'd forgotten.

  5. This looks great, a really classic red. :) I saw this range on sale on asos I might have to have a look. Problem is I'll want to buy other things too! :p
    I have a bit of a phobia of false nails, I'm convinced they'll get ripped off or infected or something! I know it's illogical, but it makes me cringe thinking about it!

  6. Gem, I'm convinced I'd get an infection too. I'm really enjoying this red. It's so glossy.

  7. I also saw these on sale at asos but thought the colours were pretty boring so passed. I used to have fake nails and I just don't like how thick they are - maybe I went to the wrong place. But I always picked the sides and then they just came off and my nails were ruined. My natural nails are the best they've ever been and don't think false nails could make them look any better.

    You must get Napa Valley Red - It is so stunning!! Also Orly - Monroe's Red is a total pin-up red. Really hot!

  8. That Burjois looks stellar and I totally love reds, I may own more reds in my collection than any color! I sometimes wear press-on nails, but my hair is completely natural! I used to dye my hair religiously but then I got a white hair and didn't want to keep up the lie anymore, lol!
    I think that model is altered a little, Her face doesn't look gaunt and sickly enough to be that small-waisted. =)

  9. Yay, Tilly. I do have Napa Valley Red. Hurrah.

    AggieP: I must check out your reds! Here I come.