Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My first franken - big-time FAIL

I'm helping number 2 daughter move tomorrow. Apparently I'm on "take rubbish to the tip" duty. Nice. So I thought I needed some heavy-duty nails. That means glitter. I'd bought some glitter from a craft-shop at Christmas and had some pink translucent polish so I thought I'd go for it. Not worth enlarging.

3 coats.

Looks better in the bottle.

Started with this. Only a Nails Inc. This YSL has been lurking in the fridge for months.

Add craft glitter. Hey, you live and learn. Not nearly enough glitter and I should have used an opaque base. Other than that a massive success! ;o)

At least I don't love it and I won't care when I mess it up. That's a plus.

Today's ad. I rather like this one. It says the pink is neither prissy nor sissy. Just so as you know. I like the pinks in the ad. Also her brows - and the beauty spot by her eye is rather fetching. She looks rather disdainful. Perhaps she has her eye on a better bloke. Or the smoked salmon vol-au-vents. 

See you around...


  1. Even if the franken doesn't look awesome alone on the looks like it would be an awesome layering lacquer. So still very useful and might look fabulous under something very opposite of the glitter or something very similar? Good luck :D

  2. That looks glorious and not a failure in the slightest, my dear!
    That advert, just wow. That's a clearly classy shade of pink and Mum's Revlon polish always had those elegant long handles, so glamourous. Such a shame they changed the packaging. xxx

  3. I think it looks sparkly and pretty, maybe not alone but definitely over something like a silver or gold...

    Her eyebrows are totally painted on, that is awesome and what do you think, fake beauty mark? I have a blemish where a monroe beauty mark would be right now and instead of covering it up I just embellish with some make up and voila, instant stunning look for me. Just kidding...or am i?

  4. Yep, a layering glitter. It's got a rosy glow IRL. I'll toss some more glitter in. It's nice and fine and not too lumpy so that's good. Why shouldn't you have a beauty mark, AP? The bottle shape is still close even though the elongated handle has gone.

  5. That's a lovely glitter, I think it's good for a first attempt! I love the ad, but I keep laughing at the man who looks like he's dangling from the ceiling, mission impossible style!

  6. Good point, Gem. How did he get there?

  7. This glitter is really very pretty. I agree with you,Jen,maybe a more opaque polish would work better. I love these little old ads you treat us to! They're just the best!

  8. Thanks, Starlight. I have really got into googling these ads. Social history.

  9. So many questions about the ad: would that polish bottle fit in my Helmer or is it too tall? Will pointy nails like that come back in style and if so, will I put an eye out trying to wear mine that way? And what's in the box?