Monday, 9 August 2010

Blogging etiquette...a question..

When one is too busy to post should one
A just go MIA
B warn people you may be MIA
C make daily "holding" posts until one can resume normal service
D other ?

This is a Mary Quant ad. For those of you who weren't even twinkles in the Sixties - well, I'm truly sorry - you missed quite a lot....

Pity this pic is so blurred. I had a lippie like the one on the farleft. Mine was called Grape Crush  and was the softest, yummiest lipstick I ever had. For colour think OPI Its'a a Grape Fit and you'll have it. Oh, the packaging! And the nail polishes were in those round bottles. My favourite (I had a few) was something called Banana hsgudgfshjdgfs (can't remember the last bit). I was known for wearing lime-green nail polish in particular and once painted a picture of a girl in lime-green knickers in Art. I can't remember why. I wasn't good at Art so rather took the Michael. And the Quant daisy remains one of my favourite logos.

I DO remember seeing this ad in the magazines. I bought Honey and 19 every month. I adored Biba too. For fashion I liked Biba more than Quant and I had Biba cosmetics too. For clothes Quant was a bit sharp-edged. Rather Courreges. Biba tended to be softer, maybe more flamboyant. All that velvet. Bliss.

So, if you hadn't already guessed, today's post is C - nothing new but gives me airtime. I'm a DJ now. No, I'm not.

Off to Birmingham soon to support England in the 4th day of the Test. I shall support Pakistan too though because they've fought back staunchly to make a match of this. May the better team win!



  1. If I am going away, I always make sure I have enough scheduled stuff backed up so that no-one will know.
    Many people who know me in real life don't need to know I'm away - I don't trust word getting around to invite the burglars in!
    Similarly if I'm having a break I know I've got enough stuff in the bank to keep the blog going - you know I don't blog in real time. Maybe I should.

  2. That's maybe where I go wrong. I do it in real-time. I don't think I'm organised enough to schedule stuff and bank it though...Disorganised - story of my life really. Thanks, Helen. I need to think about this.