Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cheap. Cheerful. Boring. It works.

Try this. Honestly. You'd be daft not to.

It's olive oil and sugar. I deliberately showed this before the sugar had "dissolved" fully into the oil.
What's it for? Hand lotion/potion/exfoliant/emollient.
How d'you use it? Just coat your hands in it. The sugar is abrasive, the oil is .....lovely.
WASH it OFF! Your hands will feel very soft.

I use it on my face and decolletage. Knees, elbows? Yep, that would work.  Do it before you have a shower. That's probably easiest. I'm sure you could use almond oil too. I just keep this stuff in my bathroom. So simple.

From 1950. What an elaborate hat. I rather like it. I slightly resent the patriarchal male hand though. It's a bit Adam and Eve. Dumb female can't resist temptation. I'm such a feminist! 

Are you remotely bothered what men think about your nail polish/lippie/eye-shadow? Do men even notice? Have you ever changed anything because a bloke asked you to?



  1. I'm definately going to try this! It'l be just the job after a wet weeekend in Wales as no doubt I'll be both scaley and filthy!
    Love the model's hat. Don't think men notice make-up, mine doesn't, even if he did I wouldn't change anything. xxx

  2. No, I don't think they do unless it's laid on with a trowel. Happy Welsh wetness, Vix.

  3. I don't think men notice much. I came home with red hair once and my ex was like," Are you cooking dinner or are we heading out?"

    Note: Flaming red hair. Let's just discount makeup all together :P

  4. Mine would prefer I didn't wear make-up (fat chance) but I have mostly given up perfume because of him (he prefers me to smell of me which is rather lovely) so I only wear it to work sometimes or when out with the girls. Don't think he's bothered by the NP wearing - it's just the storage of 100's of bottles!

  5. Such a great tip and I keep meaning to do it! My OH notices when I'm wearing interesting colours. Sometimes his friends do too: "Tilly, do you have like amazingly bright nails?"(- Neon) "Tilly, your nails are all really sparkly"(- Absolutley Alice).

    They are quite sweet bless them. Lol

  6. Well, guys around me (16 - 24 yrs old) certainly do notice :) A friend always tells me what cars come in the colour of my polish, I never check with Google though, he may very well be making it all up :)

  7. what a smashing hat! I use this little homemade trick too and for my face I switch the olive oil with lemon juice, tastes like lemonade! =P

    Guys don't care, I usually change my nail polish for me and my eye makeup for the other girls at work, so we can compare! =)

  8. Thanks all! Lemon juice? OK. I'll give that s try.