Friday, 13 August 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Matte Burgundy + Zoya Casey

Has to be one of the worst pix I've taken recently. And considering that this is the best of the worst (ya with me?) you get a flavour of how bad the batch was.

The ring finger has a coat of top over it and the index finger is Zoya Casey. The other 3 are Matte Burgundy. Looks way better IRL. You blow up these photos and you get warts and all.  Not flattering. Perhaps I should get an apprentice to take the photos from the next county. Distance lends enchantment to the view. This was from my haul from Konad Nail Stamping Nail Art - Flashy Nails. She's nearly cleared her stock now. But take a look at what's left.

You wear the Zoya in winter and you might just as well wear black polish tbh. But Casey is basically the same as the Burgundy + topcoat.

Miserable bloomin' weather. Not funny.

Looks Sixties to me. The Cutex packaging was always pretty uninteresting but the ad was maybe a bit radical for the time. 

Here's another one with an exotic inspiration. Well, except the polish is still the same old red. Quite a challenge really for the marketing department. 

What colours are we promoting this season? 
Well, how about red and pink. That's what we thought anyway. 
Red and pink, huh? But didn't we do red and pink last season?
Yes, but it's always been very popular. 
That's true. But have we ever tried any other colours?
No, no. It's a winning formula.
So we can just tweak the ads then. The product's the same, after all.
We can't do that! The polish isn't new but the advertising better be!
OK, we had the Oriental collection last winter so how about the Mexican collection for this one?
Good, good. We can't repeat the Cowboy collection or the Moscow collection so Mexican it shall be.

I could do with a Sunny Interval collection today so I can get these dogs out without us all getting thoroughly bedraggled.



  1. That polish isn't what I'd normally associate with your funky self, Jen! Quite sophisticated, nonetheless.
    Gorgeous adverts. I'd love both framed and adorning my walls, they look like Ian Fleming cover girls.
    Ain't it vile outside? Feels like the blinkin' Autumn. Even the cats are refusing to leave the house. xxx

  2. See what you mean by Bond girls - oops, WOMEN!

  3. I would gladly send my sun to you. We're having entirely too much summer here at the moment as far as I'm concerned; I get melted whenever I venture out midday.

  4. Wow, wouldn't those ads be so cool to have framed and in your house somewhere? I dunno, maybe it fits in with my decor better? and this is a very sophisticated and 'grown-up' mani! I was gone for a couple of days and one of my cats would not come in for me so she had to stay out in the heat! Let's just say she goes in the side door and comes right around to be let in the front door immediately now! =)

  5. It was hot here a couple of weeks ago. I hate heat. I just need less rain to get these dogs out. They get so muddy! That's their special talent, KarenD.

    Aggie, it's awful when you need your cat in. It usually happens when you have made an appointment at the vet and the cat just knows!