Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wet'n'Wild Craze Tahiti + Bora Bora

Honestly, you'd never think I spent hours in front of the dratted box last night massaging Dove into my hands. Why do I bother? Shall I just give up now I'm nearly 55? Decline gracefully? No, don't answer that. I'm not a Botox-babe but I'm not going the whole Nora Batty just yet!

These are 2 cutie-pie mini polishes I got from KarenD of Frazzle & Aniploish. They are obviously designed to work together and they most certainly do. She also sent 2 yellows that combine in the same way.

Bloomin' hard to work with as the brushes are so short but I quickly got used to them. I'm more of a pink-person than I sometimes care to admit and I do love these.

Car paint and the evolution of nail polish

Believe me, they are the same formula plus or minus. I can prove this.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

I'm always looking for something a bit different and I found this on ebay. Click on it!


£6.99 so it wasn't going to be rubbish, was it? And the thumbnail looked good! It arrived. The bottle was different, the label was slapped on badly and most heinous of all - the colours were separating out like it was 15 years old. It wasn't much like the pic. And I know monitors don't necessarily give you 100% accuracy but this was quite a way off. Long story short. I had to return it (cost me about a squid) and the company reimbursed me. A bit fed up but satisfactorily resolved.

So who are these people - Oval?

OVAL.CO.UK : Automotive Bodyshop Car Paints & Industrial Paint ...

I do hope their car paints are good because I don't rate their nail polish. Why do more companies not do this? Well, they do!

These are from Volvo. And we do actually have a Volvo in 481 but I haven't bought the polish. Nor do I plan to. Don't know whether Big-3-free (which I am hazier about than I probably ought to be) makes much difference. But nail polish is obviously still not a million miles away from car paint. 

Naturally you can also use nail polish to paint your car...

Give it a go, anyone????



  1. Your nails look amazing painted that pretty pink.
    Maybe I could use my Barry M to touch up the rust spots on the campervan, it's the same shade of

  2. You should! But why match it? Why not do a design?

  3. Those pinks look great on you! I agree, those stubby brushes and stumpy handles are a bit of a challenge.

    My current car's touch up paint consists of two layering "polishes", then of course one needs a clear coat on top. So far I've just let the scratches be, as they're on the plastic parts so rust isn't an issue.

  4. I love the pinks on you too. I really like these wet n wild colours that come with a matching shimmer. Damm England for not having them. By the way, your nails are looking gorgeous!

  5. Gotta say I love the car! The nail polishes (on your nails, that is) are gorgeous, too. At quick first glance I didn't notice that they were different, they go together so well.

  6. Thanks, everyone!
    Pink is fast becoming my middle name...