Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Oh, those glorious days - the Seventies

I have found a great new treasure trove of nail polish ads and I know some of you like them so ....
Oops, this isn't nail polish now I come to think of it but I was so totally seduced by the shoes that I DON'T CARE!!!!!

The wedge could be just a tad higher if I were to quibble. But look at the ankle strap. I had some black suede wedges in the 70s (higher than these) which I wish I'd kept. Look at the ANKLE STRAP!!! Sorry, I'm squealing. I love these.

We're all Imeldas at heart, aren't we? Tell me about the shoes you have loved most in your life.



  1. haha i love the last 2nd line of ur post. Im not yet an Imelda, i cant imagine how my bank balance wld look like if i were an Imelda lol.

    love the wedges too :D

    interesting how a perfume is named Tweed. Cotton, Silk anyone? lol

  2. I don't really have a shoe thing. I have always had trouble with the fit,including wedges. I wear flat shoes most of the time,and went on a Birkenstock kick a couple of years ago. I haven't gone back to anything else except Dr. Scholl's styles at WalMart,which are very comfy.

  3. Those shoes are to die for, the colours are glorious! Loving the eyeshadow,too. Those Tramp and Tweed adverts of the Seventies were so cool (shame the smell wasn't that great).xxx

  4. I don't have the money for lots of shoes but I wish I did. I'm happy with 2nd-hand off ebay but I have weird taste in shoes.
    Yes, Vix. I never liked Tweed but the shoes!
    Birkenstocks are great. I used to love Schools but they make them in China thses days. Not so good.

  5. I never knew the pencil eyebrow went out. I live in San Diego where everyone "leans like Chola".

  6. @Cara- LOL!!! totally!

    I had these stupid moccasins once that had ducks on them, I loved those shoes so will never find another pair like them anywhere. But I did have these formal rhinestone strappy things that I loved and my dog when she was a puppy chewed them up. Boo! Isn't the gladiator look in the UK? I see straps like that everywhere on shoes nowadays!