Thursday, 12 August 2010

Claire's Mood calm/wild

He he he.
Rebekah in an act of great kindness sent me 3 polishes (see yesterday). You blogger lot are a great bunch. You obviously read your comments and take mental notes because that's what prompted Rebekah to give me the these little bottles of delight. I'm an avid commenter and spend more time reading and commenting than doing my own blog. So thank you to everyone who reads my remarks!

3 coats + base and top on all except the middle nail because this dries fairly matte and I wanted to preserve that on one nail at least. You can't really see it in the pic but I can tell the difference. The tips on me (and I've only just put this on) remain darker than the body of the nail. It's much more interesting than I thought it was going to be! It's foil-y and rather complex. This is the one that made me squeal when I opened the package. Well, the dog had made a start with his teeth and I just carried on. I save all the envelopes/jiffy bags to reuse them but I shall have to bin this one. Ruddy dog!

I've added "bats about nails" because I love cricket (bats) and I spotted some bats (mammalian variety) the other evening. I think they're in our loft. You only tend to see them at this time of year so you have to make the most of it. I don't know why I like bats but I do. In French they are /souris volant/ = flying mouse. Cute, non? Tres sympa. I'm trying to make myself a photo-collage header of cricket bats, flying mice and nail polish and I managed that bit by downloading some free software but when I imported it the page went a bit screwy. I'll keep at it.

Commercial break
Thinking this is Fifties. Look at the sales-lady in the hat in the small pic! I think the main model looks like Audrey Tautou. Maybe her mother/grandmother? Pale blue was obviously very "in". A slightly nautical look? Notice there's a powder compact. I don't remember bottled foundation until the 60s. Every woman had a compact - even MY mother - but I think liquid foundation was very unusual.

Do you like cricket, bats and Claire's MOOD polishes? Do you ever buy Avon? Can you see cute straw hats (small boaters not big floppies) coming back in fashion?


  1. I can see the tips are a different colour, how clever. Like the purple a lot.
    Those boaters are making a bit of a comeback, I'm sure some bloggers said that Primark are doing them (not that I ever set foot in the place) but they're too reminiscent of my schooldays to ever consider wearing.
    I haven't used Avon in ages, I quite like their fake tan and their Pedipads are the best thing ever for removing hard skin from trotters. xxx

  2. Pedipads. I have terrible feet! Thanks for the tip. My summer hat at school was straw but not a boater. Nothing as nice as that.

  3. I like straw hats, they're so classic British summer. Bring 'em back, I say!

    Also, I re-posted your "4 Things"...uh, thing. Kudos for the Latin degree! I took it to A-Level and had a great time with it, to be honest.

  4. The mood polish is very pretty! I used to have to wear a hat just like that when I worked in a cornish pasty shop, I don't think I ever looked as happy as the lady in the advert though! :)

  5. Yes, straw hats for all.
    Oo, Gem, did you get loads of free pasties? Or did working there put you off?

  6. Bats and cricket, nope. However I'm seriously lovin' the Avon polishes right now. Struggling to keep myself from buying backups of the ones I have!

  7. LOL.. bats yes.. mood polish...makes my heart hahaha Cricket..makes me cry!! a dirty habit!! Order in 10 days... its too much to resist!!

    On the plus note, both the avon greens are coming my way Monday :-)

  8. I love your new layout,Jen! That is so cute about the bats.I have always thought they look like flying mice. And the French term,makes them sound so pretty,lol, my husband thinks everything sounds pretty in French!