Friday, 20 August 2010

Cutex Huckleberry + Sweet Pea

Jennifer is away from her desk right now.

So let me take you back in time to yesterday. All my troubles ....
Anyway. I have 2 Cutex polishes. They used to be a huge name and I suppose they've just been taken over/merged/whatever. I research old polish ads and there's more Cutex out there from days gone by than any other brand. So 2 ads coming up.

I got these particular babies because the OPI Hong Kong collection came out and I was looking for dusty greens and blues. Now these are no dupes of Jade is the New Black or the blue one (can't remember the name) from that collection. They were cheap and available so I got them. You can't sue me for it!

Now the ads. Cutex from the 60s. 

This one also features a man. Far distance in sort-of Gone with the Wind clinch. But this woman is a bit more feisty than yesterday's hat-lady. Look at the sexual innuendo in this one! Or is that just me? She'd bite his whatsit off as soon as look at him. 

The previous girl was all Marilyn and this one is more Bardot. I know this isn't polish btw. It's for lippie but you can see her hands so it counts. In my world. Again, quite a challenging gaze. But the companies would have had to have reconciled customers' continuing demand for cosmetics with the growing awareness of feminism and the Women's Liberation movement. So they had to portray more assertive-looking women. That's my interpretation. I think I feel a thesis coming on...

Simple question for today. Which ad appeals to you more?
Plus - have you ever questioned your cosmetics-habit? From the POV of is it what you should be doing with your time/money? Does it make you a half-wit? Or maybe that's just the chemicals. Who's to know?

PS Thanks for bearing with me while I'm a bit busy.


  1. love your ads. seriously. make for a good sociology tidbit for a soon to be graduating major like me :D

  2. Good, good. Glad to be of use!

  3. I like the feisty looking ladies...they are closer to home than the vapid drugged-looking ones!

    I never thought that my cosmetics habit was making me dumb or anything until my husband said that he thought that girls who spend all their time doing nails, hair and make up are just vain and it makes me slightly less than serious I just bit his you know what and told him to step off, all while wearing a beautiful manicure and hair and makeup! I fixed his sorry arse about the whole issue! I'll make myself pretty if I damn well please!!!! ;-)

  4. Well said, AP. I get a bit of that but I'm not relenting!

  5. Ads? I got distracted by that yummy looking blue polish...

  6. I had better swatch that soon. It's unusual and - cheap.

  7. Lol. I love the first one - "Man-eating colours" definately a huge inuendo! And the polishes are brill. Are they old ones?

  8. I love these ads. The second one appeals to me more.

  9. I think the Cutex polishes must be old but how old I know not.